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4 reasons why I chose safeMedicate.

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Simple assessment scheduling and automated marking are real time-savers. It’s also important for me to know how well students are doing and the reporting tools provide a level of analysis that pin-points their strengths and weaknesses.

Seamless Curriculum Integration

safeMedicate provides us with a complete learning and assessment environment that fits perfectly with our undergraduate nursing curriculum. Both content and assessment framework are mapped to the regulatory requirements of the NMC for dosage calculation competence at the point of registration.

Research Informed Design

safeMedicate has been designed by experienced healthcare professional educators and is supported by over 25 years of translational research. It’s adoption by around 70% of UK universities and by almost a quarter of a million users worldwide meant a lot to us and is testament to the trust that organisations and individuals have in the product.

Faculty Efficiencies

Before we adopted safeMedicate we used to spend a considerable number of hours teaching and assessing dosage calculations within our curriculum. Our students now love the flexibility of studying at their own pace and, as a result of the simple assessment scheduling and automated marking and feedback features, our academics have more time for other student facing activities.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

It’s essential that I’m able to accurately monitor student engagement and performance. safeMedicate’s comprehensive reporting tools enable me to easily retrieve student access and usage data and to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses within a clearly defined competence model.

Why choose safeMedicate?

  • We're the best. Over 200,000 users can't be wrong!
  • We're flexible. Choose an account plan duration that suits you best.
  • It's fast. Pay for your account online and be up and running in minutes.
  • We're there for you. Get great customer support if you need a little help.