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"I thought this package was brilliant, it explained everything clearly and I liked being able to practice the calculations as many times as I liked."

"It increased my confidence in knowing how to calculate drug doses, particularly helpful with IV medications."

"Very helpful, definitely would recommend using it."

3rd Year students from Oxford Brookes University.

"Students have commented on the increased confidence that Authentic World has given them, the opportunity to practice with the facility to check through the answers has helped confirm their competence and skill."

Barry Ricketts, Senior Lecturer - Adult Nursing, Oxford Brookes University.

"I have found this programme informative, made the frightening task of calculation become so much easier and sad as I am, I have found myself enjoying the sums. Quite addicted to them and thought they were great for your brain training. Also I found the teaching very good and aimed at all levels of Maths."

Student from Southampton University.

"I was always bad at Maths at school, but I can now understand fractions and conversion to decimals much better. I don't think I would ever have learned it otherwise as I have always relied on my calculator"

"Using Authentic World drug calculations diagnostic assessment tool has highlighted developmental areas in matriculation specifically in fractions, decimals, S.I. Units and complex calculations. Thank goodness we started using it!"

"Authentic World Drug Calulations Diagnostic Assessment will be added to the Ward Managers Development Programme"

"40% of Nurses time is spent in drug administration, it is important to get it right, first time, every time."

"The Authentic World presentation allows individual organisations to address all areas on the drug matrix as well as explaining the diagnostic assessment process. As a result it helps to achieve organisational objectives"

"The programme that supports the diagnostic assessment is easy to use and can be done at home or work to suit my needs"

"The recommendations will be that all Registered Nurses that carry out drug administration will undergo a diagnostic assessment to standardise safe drug calculations and administration across the Trust"

Staff from Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

"Although I was scared at undertaking the assessment, I really feel that I have achieved something and is an excellent part of my Continuing Professional Development"

"I hate exams but the assessment was presented in such a way that I felt confident that I could acheive it"

"Its made me think twice about what I am doing whilst administering drugs and I am much more careful now"

"The programme that supports the diagnostic assessment is easy to use and can be done at home or work to suit my needs"

Nurse Practitioners from Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

"The best thing about Authentic World for me is its rationale of helping to ensure patient safety. The second is its accessibility which allows students to work at their own pace encouraging independent self directed learning that they actually enjoy! Finally, this then allows lecturers time to be used more creatively and effectively."

Kate Goodhand, Lecturer, Robert Gordon University.

"Really liked and understood the calculations site and will definitely keep practising on it as my numericy leaves a lot to be desired."

"It lets you know if you are getting the answers right and has feedback to help you if you get them wrong."

Students of Robert Gordon University.

"The format is simple and straight forward to use."

"It has been easily accessible and I can do it in my own time and work at my own pace."

Students of Leeds Metropolitan University.

Leeds Metropolitan University introduced second year pre-registration nursing adult and mental health students to AW MDCS in 2005 as a pilot. Their evaluation of the software was extremely positive:

"I found it helpful because it gives you a step by step way to do the calculations."

"Easier to understand than a book."

Based on this successful pilot Leeds Met pre-registration nursing students now receive the package through their MLE in their first year. Students are required to complete a portfolio of evidence which includes the self assessments throughout their course and are required to pass the on-line examination in their final year prior to registration.

Frances Chapman, Leeds Metropolitan University.

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