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Nursing is a safety-critical profession and a primary goal for professional practice is to deliver safe care to patients.

The culture-specific mathematics and numeracy skills that underpin and inform safe healthcare practice are commonly deeply-embedded and often hidden in nurses’ and other healthcare professionals' working practices. To date the failure to identify, externalise and provide evidence for the mathematics and numeracy that informs professional nursing practice, has proven to be a major obstacle to developing and establishing consensus on a healthcare numeracy benchmark. Our international programme of translational research has taken a major step forward in advancing this process.


We invite the international nursing and wider healthcare communities to download and review our research which we set out in a White Paper.

In this interactive White Paper we will:

  1. Illustrate and present the case and evidence for an international healthcare mathematics and numeracy benchmark. This framework is articulated in the form of a combinative Taxonomy of Healthcare Mathematics and Numeracy skills that underpin and inform safe nursing and wider healthcare practice.
  2. Illustrate and articulate a framework of authentic Healthcare Numeracy Assessment (HNA) and associated Numeracy Performance Fingerprint (NPF) environments. These are designed to evaluate:
    1. students’ baseline mathematical skills on entry to pre- registration/licensure nursing programmes;
    2. students’ progressive development and crafting of competence in core authentic healthcare numeracy skills as they progress through nursing education programmes and at the point of registration/ licensure.
  3. Set out our continuing plan for collaborating with the international nursing community to further evaluate and develop the taxonomy and HNA/NPF environments, and to further advance nurses’ competence within this patient safety critical domain of healthcare practice.
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